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tv   BOS Budget and Finance Subcomittee 41317  SFGTV  April 25, 2017 12:00pm-1:21pm PDT

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>> all right. ladies and gentlemen, good morning the meeting will come to order this the regularly the budget & finance committee excuse me - board of supervisors budget & finance subcommittee i'm supervisor cohen chair of this committee and to my left is supervisor katie tang and to my right is supervisor yee and our clerk mr. john carol and linda wong thank you jesse larson and phil jackson from sfgovtv so for assisting us today madam clerk, any announcements? devices.
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completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the may 2 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you very much call the first item revenue bonds or commercial placing the total principal amount of san francisco international airport subordinate commercial paper notes for any lawful airport. >> thank you i'd like at a call kathy from the airport to make a brief presentation on this item. >> good morning chair cohen i'm kate hartley with the san francisco international airport if i might make a suggestion to call item 2 since the budget analyst report addresses both piece of legislation madam clerk, call item number. >> a aggregate principal amount of
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san francisco international airport second series revenue bonds to finance and refinance airport capital plan aggregate airport shrina sami vs. the department of building inspection at 555 33rd avenue. >> thank you members of the board kathy with the san francisco international airport the items before you are requesting approval of the supplemental appropriation one for 4. $8 million consisting of $40.6 billion in new airport revenue bonds bopped authorization and 4 hundred and 74 previously thooshsz capital bonds that request see the authorization to sell in the airport revenue bond and increase the commercial paper by one hundred million dollars for capital improvement projects sfo use the capital be airport bojdz to finance the capital plan and
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uses commercial paper a short term financing mechanism for cash flow requirement prior to the long term bonds the property resolution will authors the sale of bonds in the amount of $4.6 billi $4.6 billion and an additional $100 million in the paper in before you appropriates $4.8 billion of the airplane capital plan bonds at sfo last fiscal year airport passenger levels hit projection for 5 years in the future to fiscal year 2021 led to a demand for public that concludes my remarks and ground transportation as well as an increase in security requirements and infrastructure urban designs the airport prepares a 5 year capital plan
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in order to priorries the essential projects the capital plan is reviewed by the finance staff and the committee and the controller's office and is approved by the city's capital plan committee the airport capital plan project to be funds to the legislation before you are focused on projected air traffic and passenger demands major projects to be funded by the subject bond precedes are the air excuse me improvements airport support improvements and terminal improvements and utility improvements the budget analyst has one hundred reviewed these i'm joined by the finance director kevin and i'm available to answer any questions you might have. >> thank you very much ms. wagner appreciate our presentation no questions at that time i suggest go to public
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comment and what is the public has to say all right. i understand all right. go to the budget analyst report but looks like no public school >> let's see what hashs say. >> we note the airport capital plan is the requested $4.3 billion in new bond authorizations that file and then an additional 4 hundred and $4,832,455,418 in prior airport capital bond which was authorized by the board of supervisors but not sold the sources and use of $4.8 billion in table 2 on page 5 of the report on page six the
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major capital improvement projects to be opportunity by the subject bond preys are on pages 6 and 7 of the report and also an appendix provided by the airport that shows the budget details beginning on page 9 of the report on page 8 we note the airport estimates total debt service of 10 plus bloinld in principle and in interest annual debt service is three hundred plus million dollar a comment i'll make as you may know under the airports break even policy the airlines that are required to pay the difference between the budget is whatever the operating expense the difference between the 9 airline revenues and the expenses in effect any increase
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expenditures will be absorbed by the airlines through fees and terminal charges we recommend you approve the proposed ordinance. >> thank you we'll take that under advisement anyone wish to comment on item number two minutes you'll hear a soft chime with 30 seconds left seeing none, public comment is closed. >> make a motion. >> i make a positive recommendation to the full board. >> motion and accepted we'll take that without objection. >> mr. clerk. >> agenda item 3 commission to execute services with mott of the exceed $21,000,000 and with a time from august 1, 2009, through april 14, 2018, pursuant to charter, section 9.118. public utilities commission. >> welcome. >> morning supervisors dan
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wade the director of capita water projects and programs for the san francisco public works and here this morning to talk about the amendment that we're requesting for a contract with mott macdonald for the new irvington tunnel project-construction management services this project is part of a $4.8 billion improvement program this program is driven by 4 overall goals schematic liability and water quality and delivery reliability as well as water supply and these - the new irvington tunnel project-construction management services is a very important link in to water system to provide water to 2.6 million customers in 2009 the board approved a contract between mott macdonald and the city to provide construction management services for in project we had $15 million term with a 5
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year duration it's been amended 4 times since then in october 2016 the board approved a fourth amendment actually, the puc for 200 and 50 thousand for 5 and a half months in duration to continue the negotiations with the contractor for some disputes on the contract we resolved all but two of those disputes but have two disputes remaining and so we need additional time and money for the construction manager to assist us with closing out the contract the two disputes are an issue we have harder rock in the tunnels than previously experienced during the design phase or previously anticipated and then we have two repairs in the tunnel that were needed we've mad good progress with the
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contractor on the disputes and anticipate we show be able to resolve that without further legal action but need further time to get this down or done to close out our request to approve easement 5 on the contract increasing that by 3 hundred and 50 thousand and is duration for one additional year. >> thank you is there a budget analyst report on this item? >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee on the bottom of page 18 of our report the subject the current total for the construction and related costs for the tunnel is $345 million plus and that is shown in table 4 on page 19 of our report that budget includes
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the mott macdonald construction management services contract of $700 million and the proposed request for three hundred and 50 thousand amendment it is a cost of $21 million plus we recommend you approve that resolution. >> thank you for your recommendation we'll go to public comment is there any public comment on item 3 come up seeing none, public comment is closed. all right. let's take those recommendations from the budget analyst. >> all right. so i'll make a motion to. >> send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> >> okay without objection. >> agenda. >> call item 5 and 6 together. >> i will item no. 4 - ordinance amending the administrative and environment codes to require that any new passenger vehicles in the city fleet by zero emission vehicles by december 31, 2020, and to
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encourage selection of zero emission vehicles in other vehicles classes as technology improves. >> >> all right. thank you. supervisor tang thank you so today your city family celebrated earth day that is on saturday with our annual breakfast at the city hall and i want to thank the wonderful sf environmental staff we know everyday needs to be earth day and if we don't collectively take action to deliberately stop we'll not to have the earth to celebrate one of the most existing and meaningful issues i've been working on is around sustainability and the protection of our environment one the ways and san francisco can do our part to evaluate the footprint and change our behavior for the negative declaration negative impact this seeks to change the types of
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vehicles are city employees drive the legislation requires all late night will be zero emission vehicles unless a waiver or exemption like public safety or emergency response use requires we'll have an amendment for this by the year 2022 the light passenger fleets will transition to zero emission vehicle and 10 percent to address the range and challenging issues for the department that contemplates future technology and want to encourage the city departments to adopt better technology that is available we also hope that legislation will really cause a shift in the market and lead to the availability of additional zero emission vehicle like the light duty trucks and i see that
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legislation as a huge opportunity for office of economic workforce development so we as a city develops more clean meblgz mechanics a huge program introduce city college that will be wonderful to learn the new skills and adopt to the environment outside of san francisco and make them competitive with high sought after skill sets with that as is legislation, however, i'll be proposing some amendments to address some of the concerns i've heard so number one, and members of the board a summer sheet i'm allowing for the existing usable fleet by the year 2022 ramp 2020 the reason that every year our city currently off roads one hundred passengers so the contribution
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of the municipal fleet to 20222022 and that assumes we're not - we're reducing the vehicles we have in the city fleet and then to clarify the purpose of those new vehicles needs to be zero emission >> under section 40 is the depiction to clarify f we added a definition regarding the light duty passenger vehicles to clarify separate and apart in the ordinance which is the health air and transportation ordinance what we mean by this legislation and essentially meaning passenger vehicles no trucks are included as part of this analysis we clarify emergency vehicles and is there are existing exemptions
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for emergency vehicles but into the health air and transportation ordinance we clarify that unless your vehicle is equipped with lights and sirens vehicles use this for administrative function for passenger transplant shall not be considered a zero emission vehicle if you're trying not to purchase the zero emission vehicle we add existence for general passenger advances advancing and the hybrids and clarify the intent of the legislation only light duty passenger vehicles must be zero emission vehicle and with the plug-in vehicles we're allowing 10 percent of non-exempt fleet to be ev for the additional option and plug-in vehicles require the level two plug ins so the waiver we clarified the department will submit one
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waiver requesting the zoning administrator to specify all vehicles needs a waiver exemption and the reason rather than forcing a department to submit a waiver for every single vehicle and lastly on page 6 line 10 we actually just clarified that moving forward the city could do recent options rather than pretty much we might want to consider leasing those are the amendments we can adopt or i'll make a motion for later after discussion first, i'd like to turn to our budget analyst office that will report on this after that i'll call up jesse if sf environment to speak about the ordinance and some of the overall dream goals in san francisco followed by admin from the administration officer and
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rogers. >> yes. >> yes. madam chair, and members of the committee. supervisor tang said there are various version and that's what i'll recite you should as supervisor tang stated some of this has changed the proposed ordinance will necessitate the difference between seven hundred o.j. on page 24 and 5 hundred and 50 zero emission vehicles by december 2020 therefore the total estimated cost of respect procurement will range from $80 million plus to $72 million plus over the next 2 and a half years. >> on page 25 of our report we note that the total estimated cost purchase 759 between those two numbers new zero emission
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vehicles and install between 636 and 1427 will range from $23 million to $95 million those costs will be occurred through the proposed ordinance and thirty days after approval for december 20, 2020, a period of approximately 2.5 years we note that the city currently purchases one hundred new passenger vehicles a year as it is written we've reviewed it will require the lease of seven hundred and 59 vehicles over the next 2.5 years or three hundred and 4 vehicles per year on supervisor we have various other policy issues we've brought up our recommendation on page 27 this is a policy matter
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for the board of supervisors. >> thank you, mr. rose i'll speak is about this after the department presentations i have questions and issues with the analysis i understand that was a large amount of analysis to be completed over a short period of time i'll bring up jesse denver from sf environment that has been helping us lead the charge when it comes to protect ferguson our fleet. >> good morning jesse energy program manager thank you to supervisor tang for her leadership of zero emission vehicle these the department of the environment supports the proposed ordinance and is available to support the zoning administrator's office and is interdepartments as supervisor tang noted we've heard this morning 45 minutes ago at the
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mayors breakfast the city will deliver 50 percent of the citywide with renewable energy enabling the residents to power their businesses and vehicles with renewable energy it is important for the demonstrates of leadership i'd like to highlight the heather clean air and transportation ordinance and the lead of zoning administrator in implementing that and describe how the department of the environment supports the city administration office it there 0 loading order the city transit first policy insuring that employees are utilizing public transportation and or sun power to get where they need to go on city business and reduces the size of vehicle fleet and
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insures the vehicles are right size for their appropriate case and finally that establishes a vehicle list that dictates the type ofs of vehicles the department can procure here is how we provide the assistance with the implementations of hacking to we work on the development of programs and the implementation of policies to achieve our transit first and retirement and purchasing requirements of this ordinance and annually the city administrator's office provides a report with an annual review report of implementation of hacking to we help the single-story for the green house gas emissions for the portion of the fleet that is subject to the hack to and changes to the ordinance as needed we fascinate the development of the
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facilities for alternative fulfills in the privately owned vehicles in the amount not to exceed for hydrogen transportation and necessary legislation at the board of supervisors the department of the environment also under hack to acts as guess clearly house for coordinating the applications grants the support zero emission vehicles and alternative fuel programs the difference is we assist the departments with grant applications upon requests in the last year that has been quite frequent as new opportunities for funding around zero emission vehicles need to spend themselves like the department of transportation we're one of the finalist and the department of the environment is responsible for the looms of programs to
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encourage the private fleet operators to operate the vehicles that have zero emission vehicle or high energy efficient and the use of alternative fultz with low carbon with the you were recommendation to the board of supervisors a good t sf environment the source of the readiness ordinance that passed this week personally thank you you'll for your support in closing as co-chair as the mayor of the mayors ev working group the department of the environment supported the city single-story city administrator to discover that we have a deep interest and the subject experts ready to provide the support as we invest in the zero emission vehicles and their infrastructure. >> thank you, very much. it was important to bring her up to
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remind everyone about the health air and ordinance we're amending and adding to that for the for the most part so the departments need to refer back to the existing ordinance that is already on the book thank you for your overall so next i'll bring up adam from the city administers office. >> good morning, supervisors. i'm adam finance and planning director for the city administrator's office thank you supervisor tang the city administrator office oversee the contract administration both supports the implementation of this proposed change we first welcome friendly policies the two major challenges we would see related would be budget so there are significant budgetary considerations associated with
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that assuming we had the budget to implement happy to do so the other major considerations for lease parking spaces approximately 50 percent of the parking spots are leased we don't have direct authority to electrify or install chargers but perhaps addressed at the lavish the departments have additional concerns about the 10 percent they told her threshold and zoning district through the mayor's office there the budget the 10 percent vehicles may not be sufficient from the departments perspective to meet the daily operational needs and respond during disaster dbi for instance, has one hundred vehicles that need parking spots with a significant responsibility during the earthquake we need should the
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grid go down we may not have the grid to do to respond otherwise the amendments we prop a timeline and concerns. >> thank you very much and i'm wondering i know that supervisor farrell has legislation in june i believe of 2015 regarding you know the vehicles to use data to track our fleet, you know, how many miles are driven by whom and when and ultimately analyzing how we have the city fleet by depended by department and annual reporting what we do i'm wondering where we are on the process that is important to the process number one, first, we encourage transit first or our own kinetic energy as stated do we have too many vehicles in
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the city fleet we should be down sizing and goat to vision zeros if you can talk about that. >> i'll be happy to we have thus far installed the devices in the required vehicles 4000 vehicles we've been, of course, taken a year and a half it takes time to do the installations we've been golden state warriors the data and observing the behaviors and use of vehicles f around idling and we found thus far with our initial data that there is some opportunity to either more efficiently manage and lifeless the fleet with full
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installation over the next basically most gather more information to identify vehicles that could be reassigned or toll vehicles to more efficiently have those vehicles used in reduce the size of fleet. >> how about for the reporting requirement. >> we've issued a report if i'm not mistaken but we plan on doing additional annual reports. >> when will that be. >> i'll be happy to check with. >> so june 30th i'll look forward to that report and to the budget analyst office for the analysis for the cost it scary first of all, accounting but secondly, it also assumes we're in the reducing our fleet so if we can all communicate about that the amended version of the report that is really
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important okay. i think your other issues you've spoken to about the lease parking spots we'll sort through with the departments individually and in terms of emergency response we're trying to create a shift in the city you know, i know that everyone is here what do we do when we can't use a gallon car there are other solutions that rely on clean and green that can help in an emergency response again, we look forward to working with all the departments so alright nothing else to add. >> i have a question. >> sorry supervisor yee. >> thank you, supervisor supervisor tang first of all, thank you for championing this issue that is important so i fully am behind the intent of this but some questions i have are fiscally
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oriented and thank you for mentioning the protective foretelling aromatics last year the vehicles we're pretty much seven hundred that are using purely gas and 6 hundred that is hybrid yeah 7 - 780 using gas so i guess the question i have is currently when our purchasing the vehicles like this year are they are any of these gas vehicles purely gas vehicles or all hybrids we're purchasing at this moment. >> supervisor thank you for your question typically we have
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term contracts that is available for vehicles a vehicle selector list we try to steer the departments towards the greenest vehicle generally one the fleet the majority are hybrid gallon and battery operated the percentage in the general fleet is very small it is dedicated to gallon some has to do with the fact that we are transitioning our vehicles over time as vehicles age the gasoline vehicles are being replaced with the plug in hybrids. >> the table i'm looking as the budget analyst report table one for passenger vehicles there is seven hundred and 80 gun and
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6 hundred and 38 hybrid seems like of the passenger vehicles of the 15 hundred 86 approximately half of it are pure gasoline. >> if you look at the chart needs to be updated but under police department that there are 5 hundred and 9 gasoline vehicles and most will have to be exempted. >> my follow-up question in regards so let's is the hybrid vehicles what's the life expectancy for the purpose of city. >> we generally consider full life to be 8 years so we have not generally be able to have
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that our vehicles are replaced at the 10 or 12 year mark. >> and then in regards to replacing all the vehicles i guess the amended version will be 2000, 22 which is 5 years from now where would the additional funding come to replace the higher rate and we've defer to the board and the mayor's office to identify the funding sources associated with that. >> is the estimate correct. >> the estimate how much by how much it costs the city and since we've gone through the budget discussion how tough in the next 3 years wondering where the reserves are put aside for this. >> through the chair supervisor yee one clarification i'm asking the budget analyst report to make in their cost
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analysis didn't take into consideration how much money from the off-loading of one hundred or vehicles every year we sell so i'm speeding up by 50 more vehicles per year to 5 years and so again, no analysis as to how much we get out of it and then what kind of a model will be going upon in the future purchasing or leasing. >> and then is cost savings no longer using gas. >> 50 percent is a lot i'm wondering - well and also another cost that the budget analyst mentioned and again, the infrastructure is the cost of - creating are putting in the
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chargers is there any funding for that. >> that had been from the same sources. >> oh, okay. >> through the chair to supervisor tang have you thought about what the source of funding will be for this is a big-ticket item. >> absolutely there are some things we'll be asking the budget analyst office to look at one thing for example not take into consideration the long term cost benefit analysis for example, if we have a usage of gas what does that mean and according to the legislation in june of 2015 it estimated that 5 percent reduction to a light
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vehicle fleet will result in salesforce of $2009 million over 4 years a 10 percent reduction in 5.8 reduction over 5 years and fuel reduction will deal 3 had and 63 annual savings and a 10 percent reduction in fuel usage results in seven hundred plus those are not fooshthd into the costs as well as microscopes in terms of electrical vehicles little maintenance involved but as we're giving the departments 5 year lease time to include in their capital budgets it is important and also the cost estimate in the report states that each charger costs $16,000 and folks that are here who are you know destroy experts to explain what the costs will
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actually be and allowing 10 percent of fleet level one chargers you'll image the city the socket in our wall for example, there is a lot of fine tuning with the cost analysis and the range we're presented the high range of 15 thousand vehicles in the fleet it is actually not we shouldn't be considering that because we're not touching any of the light duty trucks again there needs took fine tuning with the cost analysis here we'll get for about the board meeting. >> okay. i appreciate our explanation. >> all right. thank you have you completed our presentation. >> i have. >> thank you supervisor tang anyone else that. >> lastly bring up planning department ann marie rogers.
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>> thank you we're here and applaud the moving of new passenger vehicles to the vision zero emissions and try this for other vehicles visitacion valley as well we would ask for one additional amendments that is reinforcing the comments if the department of the environment we suggest that be amended to more clearly require the right sizings the city's fleet in so many ways the city of san francisco is in a leadership position on the environmental standards and new technology here two the city seeks to move employees to transit walking and biking where possible as we work to reduce the impacts of driving right sizings the fleet is the ongoing program that will change and reduce the fleet needs in the future the
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city has many programs we're doing right now and should recognize this initiative analysis and changes in the infrastructure you mean the mta is involved in a lot of upgrades to the transit city the city has a major change to the bike infrastructure and working on pedestrian improvements and there are new avenues that can be explored like the vehicle pools between multiple departments so in light of these we do believe if we have increased investment in those ongoing programs and explored additional programs can be a greener investment in the city vehicle fleet we have specific language we'll suggest in the committee is open to it that concludes my presentation. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> i guess to clarify i don't know if under hack to and the
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existing legislation i thought we have requirements of right sizings our fleet i fully agree with the intent not an amendment to this but look at perhaps all right. so may be open up for public comment and through that i really hope to better understand the cost for charging infrastructure i think the analysis can be improved here and i have one pshgd and nothing else that wants to speak sir, the floor is yours. >> thank you hi, i'm spencer represent the charge point thank you for the opportunity to voice our support for this proposed legislation charge point is the world's largest charging stations over
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theo thousand charger spots across the united states and canada we have experience including working with the city and county of san francisco who is one of our first customers over 8 years ago and thank you for a long term partnership all over the place for helping to advance the migration to electrification of this i don't have a lot of time but my concerns around the budget analysis we found the number of $160,000 per as an average per charger is high in our experience we hope to have a more 0 in depth conversation with the departments of city to lend our expertise to help refine and get to a more
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accurate number. >> can do you suggest is an accurate number. >> it's complicated there are many factors in the effecting the installation price they fall into 3 buckets the first the construction planning and design we need to understand what the electrical capacity at any given site and how to best get the source of power to the station another bucket the hardware and total ownership of that station including the electrical costs and maintenance fees and the third is the financing of incentives the way to purchase those we have expertise across those to lower the costs substantially it is a situationsal base we hope to have a more in depth conversations and better estimate those costs thanks. >> thank you under two minutes just one follow-up question i
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know the airport recently cherished to charge point for the infrastructure for passenger investigates as well as sorry for the passengers flying out of sfo and future for the employees in terms of $16,000 estimate for example, per my understanding that could mean one of those chargers that could charge up to 2 chargers two cars even the $16,000 costs that was cited in the report can be cut in half. >> right. >> so to future explain we are working with the aircraft on a long term parking solution they're our current customer has over one hundred chargers with of the report that mentioned it with the long term parking solution we leveraged the technology for less
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infrastructure to support more cars and the fabulous was lower i don't have the number off the top of my head but can provide that it is sitting less if that situation. >> moving forward you know where it through charge points or other city approved vendors that is really important that we engage them to understand the complete cost analysis for charging infrastructure limits and i'll say i know that the departments will have issues and challenges trying to abide by this legislation that is important to have this difficult conversation to shift the way that you know in terms of our transportation modes and our clean vehicles and so we are condominium to having our department of the environment to work with all departments to figure this out and changing technologies that
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improve and can make charging easier and faster using less infrastructure i want to make sure all the departments are aware of it we'll make sure that each of the departments feel that the ability to k078 apply with the legislation so i'll say moving forward again i'll share with the budget analyst review all the different aspects i feel we need to fine-tune the cost analysis for example, no analysis but the federal and tax credits available if we purchase the zero emission vehicle by the time this hits the board a more refined sense of cost for this legislation. >> thank you, colleagues i don't know if have any other questions. >> you nailed it i'll be looking for more information about the vendor and what the process and the costs associated with getting us to our goal
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commissioner tang my compliments to you for proposing such a good piece of legislation looks like we've got the the budget analyst has remarks. >> come to the microphone please. >> yes. madam chair, and members of the committee. first of all, a clarification we do special projects for the board of supervisors and we manage and it takes considerable time this report a budget and finance committee we basically have a week to - had about two more weeks to do this report and number one, and number 2, every single number in this report comes from respected departments the department of public works, the department of administrative services and the mta those are the 3 departments that
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manage the city's fleet and do the implementation of the technical aspects of this proposal that's why we spoke and went to those 3 departments if there are numbers that are wrong in the report it came from the 3 departments i don't on the numbers are wrong if you want us to do an additional work on this report it is going to take considerable time we'll be happy to do it but not for next tuesday that is superficial and basically impossible and a disservice to the board of supervisors to give you an amend report with some of the aspects that supervisor tang is requesting we'll be happy to do it but not for next thank you. >> through the chair. >> sorry supervisor tang i want to close public comment.
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>> so is there any public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor tang >> thank you. i fully acknowledge the hard work you have a short turn around time first of all, it is not going to the board next tuesday the following tuesday that will be i'll look at my calendar may second when we'd like the additional analysis and happy to help to fascinate that information it is for the initial report should have contained that information in the first place. >> thank you supervisor tang and supervisor yee has remarks additional to add. >> i'm curious through the chair to supervisor tang of the considering that some of the vehicles hybrids were bought last year and potentially this
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year would that 10 percent you're talking about that is in i believe in your amendments will that account for those amendments their not the life expectancy by the turnover in 2022 with our amendments that's 5 years from now so this possibility those vehicles are in real good shape and can be still used i'm concurring when you think about the 10 percent was that factored in. >> the 10 percent for plug in hybrids we have 15 of so this is significantly lower than the 10 percent we're allowing the reason why they extended the lead time for 2022 instead of 2020 to account for the vehicle
12:51 pm
life expectancy we'll be trerment some vehicles earlier than the 10 or 8 years of they're expected life but extending it further than proposed i think that a great compromise. >> okay. >> given we supposedly off-load one hundred vehicles yeah, we'll have that up to 50 vehicles every year. >> my mistake i'm looking at the hybrid the purchasing the 6 hundred and 38 figure. >> yes. >> what is going to happen did you take into consideration the off-loading relating new cars. >> yes. i think that you know if you look at this chart for example, you can't tell which ones are exempted from the regulation first of all, knock off vehicles from the list and
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secondly, the same answer that's why i'm extending the lead time to comply to the city to 2022 and some cars will be terminated earlier but our goal to wean ourselves off of gasoline powered cars. >> i guess who what i'm looking at it i support weaning it all we can wean it off this year i'm looking at whether or not we'll be open to amendments for those newer vehicles that has been purchased you know either this year or last year give it at least a year we're talking about those hybrids i don't have the analysis which ones are exempt so that is my question which if you're open to amending that piece which will be a small percentage i guess i
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assume. >> so i 3r0er7b8 won't consider that amendment today but follow-up with the city administrator's office which are exempt that are hybrid and let's talk with the board meeting as we head into budget season look at each departments request in terms of how they'll comply with the legislation and a lot of discussion on both points in terms of what we'll see and they need and what we are able to provide. >> right in passing the legislation you know it moved to the full board i'd like to consider at that point not when they - not when they do the budget this way it is clearer in our legislation that we take these things in consideration.
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>> my previous answer holds i'm looking forward to look at the vehicles covered under our light duty passenger and exempted in the public safety emergency exemptions and consider it before the full board. >> all right. thank you very much that robust discussion i think we are done with this item. >> is there a motion or something you'd like media to do with that. >> i'll make a motion to adopt all the amendments i stated on the record. >> without objection it passes. >> call items 5 and 6 together and would you like - >> then i'll (multiple
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voices). >> to amend and. >> send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> as amended. >> without objection. >> 5 and 6 please. >> with the state department of health care services, in the amount of $128,849,925 for the term of april 15, 2017, through june sign said agreement and to approve amendments for less than 10% of the contracted amount. >> >> and drug administrator to sign said agreement and to approve amendments for less than 10% of the contracted amount. >> sign said agreement and to approve amendments for less than 10% of the contracted amount. >> >> all right. thank you welcome chair cohen and members of the board thank you for hearing those two items my name is judy martin the medical director for substance services for the city
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and county of san francisco i've introduced two academies for the resolution have to do with dates the first one delays item 5 the 68 from april 15th to june 15th at the recommendation of our stat medical agency to allow time for the federal cms to review and fine item 5 at the onset of item 5 replaces item 6 item 6 is a multi year substance abuse services previous contract and, of course, every year has to be adjusted and amended the amendment for this year for 16, 17 is what you see there
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i'd like to really thank the analysis for a deep review of o items and at their suggestion obtained in writing from the department of health that specifics the end date of contract 267 that will be the red line copy will be available with barbara garcia signatures and director garcia tomorrow i wanted to also comment that the organized delivery service contracted that is number 6 - 5 on your agenda represents about 2 to 2 and a half years of very hard work by the substance abuse disorder my team in terms of some are here and also it
12:58 pm
represents a tremendous effort by the contracting partners that provide the services in the community to renovate, upgrade and change how they're planning to deliver care this is to bring a beneficiaries more into line with medical care increases the professionalism a step parts parity a greater step than i've seen in any career aside from that introduction i'm here to answer any questions. >> thank you, dr. martin let's see supervisors i see your name in the cue. >> take it off. doctor martin we'll go to the budget analyst report >> hopefully answer questions.
12:59 pm
>> yes. madam chair, and members of the committee. on page 31 of the report dpw 2016/17 that includes additional reimbursement of $12 million in 16, 17 by the state under the proposed fifth amendment that is sharing shown in table one of page thirty in our report. >> our recommendations on page 33 we recommend you amend the file to state that the agreement between dph and the state is effective as of june 2017 and 67 to state the existing contract between dph and the state terms in 2017 and the new agreement between dph and dhs becomes effective and recommend you approve the approved resolutions
1:00 pm
as amended. >> thank you colleagues any other comments seeing none, all right. we'll go to public comment at this time ladies and gentlemen, if you like to come and speak on items 5 or 6 all right. seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you, dr. martin i i think we're okay. >> is there a motion? >> i make a motion to adopt the amendments as specified and to the item move forward welcomes to the board. >> supervisors item 5 and 6. >> items 5 and 6 and oh, item 5 and 6. >> thank you all right. without objection thank you all right. mr. clerk. >> love for you to call item 7
1:01 pm
item no. 7 - resolution authorizing an application to the california debt limit allocation committee to permit the low-and first-time homebuyers in san francisco. >> all right. thank you fostering with the mayor and amy changing on behalf of the mayor's office of housing to speak on this item welcome. >> amy from the mayor's office of housing good morning chair cohen and commissioner tang and supervisor yee the item before you authorized the mayor's office of housing to apply to the depth motion to strike committee occupy to $15 million just the low and moderate in case the first time homeowners the certifies allow the homeowners to claim 15 percent tax credits for 40 years and up to two hundred percent ami are eligible to apply and one more
1:02 pm
time. >> households up to 175 to two hundred of ami are eligible to apply for the certificates and board of supervisors in 2010 to apply for $40 million and the last of those certifies were issued last year in october so, now we're coming back to the allow to apply for another round of applications the deadline in may coming up soon and planning to submit the next request for $5.5 million in mortgage considers it requires that we have board approval that's why we're asking the committee to remedy the resolution today and my colleagues jena and others are here in case you have questions. >> jan if the mayor's office of housing; right? and sonya from where? >> also from the mayor's office of housing. >> all right. all right.
1:03 pm
thank you very much. >> one question. >> yes. supervisor yee. >> so i'm curious for this type of program is that for people that they have to apply for this program when they first purchasing or how does that work. >> correct and i'll ask jenny to talk about the eligibility. >> hi supervisor i'm jenny with the mayor's office of housing and community development i'm the program manager this is for people first purchase their property to be eligible to get a tax credit. >> all right. thank you so 33 they have to be a first time homeowner not owning a property for 14 years. >> so if someone purchased a year ago it was too late. >> three years ago they own a
1:04 pm
property and come back 3 years later and don't own property for the last 3 years. >> thank you all right. thank you for your presentation go to public comment. no public comment public comment is closed. >> thank you >> send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> as a committee report? >> all right. we'll take that without objection. >> item 8 item no. 8 - appropriation - sales proceeds of city property for $122,000,000 and proceeds from certificates of participation for $321,765,000 to the general service agency - fy2016-2017. >> to fund the retirement the series certificates of participation and to fund the development costs of 1500 mission street office development in relayed san francisco board of directors sf and places the total of $440 million open controllers reserve. >> i appreciate that and today
1:05 pm
we've got many naomi kelly city administrator to report. >> today with me is claudia deputy director of the real estate and lopez from the department of public works first, i want to say i'm referring to the budget analyst to a approve the appropriations of one and $22 million in place on the reserve to continue the balance of the three hundred and 215 seven hundred plus from the occupations for 15 hundred mists when we return in may we'll have further discussion with the budget analyst with the costs and additionally come back and
1:06 pm
report on the existing stacking plan for 15 hundred mission that is in the finalized and talk about existing out of civic center lazy thought i'll talk about 15 hundred mission the conceptual design versus today as a building as we've gotten more programming design over the last 3 years just a couple of things reduced the size of rentable space to $30,000 while at the same time increasing the density of employees going in there the head count if the 3 departments has increased by over 3 percent but in the rentalable area has increased by .8 percent our permit center has increased since 2014 we wanted to add more departments into the
1:07 pm
one-stop shop permit center as you may know and going to like the small business popularity if you opened up a restaurant in san francisco it would take 20 permits to do so in various location and now we thought in addition to having dbi planning and public works we should add many more other departments into the permit center so it is trowel a one-stop shop permit shop the actual fte dbi planning and public works has increased over the past 3 years our projected actives in 2014 with not meetings the active uses of today we are delivering more service needs to the san franciscans there is a chart i have that speaks to and shows
1:08 pm
basically the same information in the budget analyst report we anticipated in 2014 and where we are and not popping up sfgovtv. >> there we go. >> and we can pass it out to the board of supervisors you can see the increase or where we are in square footage and the difference from the different departments the department of public works as you can see the existing with what their existing today with the program on 15 hundred mission again not finalize and please forgive me we don't have a copy of that. >> is this one? >> i don't have it. >> thank you. we have it now and . >> so we are as you can see
1:09 pm
public works what was anticipated inform 2014 what is conceptually or potentially programmed for 15 hundred mission not finalize we have time to work on it an increase of gone from one and 82 to one - 11 thousand square footage change planning has gone from 49 to 59 square feet it is a 10 thousand square footage change a 22 percent and dbi is 50 thousand or 51 thousand going up to 56 close to 57 an 11 increase and the permit center by 22 to 38 thousand a 76 percent increase i mentioned earlier we decided to increase the center
1:10 pm
to say a one-stop shop there and areas where there is tenants to be determined and also see the weight increased the training and childcare centers in the common ear so there is - square footage there again, we have time to work on this you can see the head counts in the table below what we projected in 2014 what is the active today and again, a lot of the head count more is more of policy called by the mayor and the board of supervisors and how many ftes we have going in there we're doing the best we can with the fitting the number of employees and the program and getting out of a very important thing getting out of existing leases it is not something that i'll be able to discuss further today and we'll have more to say in may but a lot of there's a
1:11 pm
lot of moving parts and valuables in getting out of various lease an example the department of public works is not on on thirty van ness and mission but major divisions at 1155 mission street with the management and their accounting division and moving out of those spaces into 15 hundred mission we'll backfill with it is a favorable lease term with other entities out of different areas before city hall or have on south van ness that allows the mta to get out of expensive leases and move to one thousand van ness it is kind of as we call it a project chest we're moving multiple areas down stream you then eventually get out of leases it is a worthy conversation and goal we all share and more than willing to come back to you in may and further and continue the
1:12 pm
dialogue with the board of supervisors around that. >> wow. thank you. >> supervisor yee. >> i think - and supervisor tang excuse me - >> thank you for this chart here i mean, i see the 76 percent in square footage for the permit center that is something i've been pushing all of the departments on because in terms of customer experience with the people getting permits it is challenging to go to different buildings and then they are different timelines and accuses and everything so i know that ohio i've been work with the office of economic workforce development and the planning commission i think that is important to go to one place and get our business done in one shot i know you said you'll come back in may with additional information about how it is we're getting departments out of
1:13 pm
expensive leases can you elaborate what are your thoughts of and analysis of the shifting going around in the budget analyst comments last week this is a lot of talk about increasing the square footage on 15 hundred mission but reducing the square footage for the sub center leases. >> there was a lot of different things we need to look at i'll not be able to accomplish in one week there is looking at the existing footprint here in this building that will it takes time and looking at the different leases in the civic center when they expire and the needs and program needs what are the different source of funding coming in we're doing some analysis now to and have ideas that we would feel better coming back in may and having those conversations.
1:14 pm
>> i have a pretty technologies question mr. rosenfeld if you give me a second can you mr. rosenfeld can you remind me what was the difference between a controlled reserve and budget reserve i think that is simple question. >> no - okay. >> turn your mike on. >> good morning ben rosenfield controller's office there are two different ways that the board can place reserves the controller's office reserve typically will not require the action to return to the board of supervisors if you want to place something on reserve your clear regarding the criteria to release the be reserve for example, funds on controller's office reserve until bones are sold this is a nice bright line to authors this
1:15 pm
spending but were other examples typically with the controller's office reserve is the board places fund on reserve the controller's office is authorized to release it using the criteria the board as articulated to us that's one approach and second that you pensions that budget & finance committee reserve the appropriation move forward forward but we're not authorized to spend those until it returns to the board with a release those are two approaches for reserve. >> thank you. i appreciate the clarification and supervisor yee. >> thank you. >> yes and madam chair. >> this is along the line of questioning of supervisor tang in regards to the projections of staffing and square footage and
1:16 pm
pretty much the same conversation we had since last week on the same item and it seems like there is hadn't been any further clarification because this will take more time to do a better analysis and even the moving juggling everything around like to see that in on paper it is kind of hard to follow when you talk about it there to there and something else will move there. >> the question i have then is in regards to the three hundred 21 thousand no - 3 plus 65 precedes from to develop the new space i guess when is that necessary. >> i mean as it seems like
1:17 pm
you'll not need that funding for awhile. >> we'll need the funding at the time we're in counteracting with the developer related we will need to ratify the $321 million at the same time the purchase of agreement now and when we come back in may that - we don't need the entire amount i don't have the cash flows in front of me but need to ratified and this conversation in may if parts are put on reserve that's fine but have it fully rat fiduciary at the time of ratifying the purchase sale agreement. >> what it the ratification to purchase the sales agreement you in the middle of may we think working with the chair may 11 or
1:18 pm
the following week. >> i uncomfortable with projections and the hope that the board members hope in regards to reducing the lease space in the civic center area and i don't know how much we can push it whether those numbers makes sense or their inflated in terms of the square footage that these 3 particular departments needs i'll definitely support the permit center if they're more comfortable in the square footage certainly support the childcare piece but what else is there i mean - and see - because the uncomfort level we are talking about two items that are related i don't know if my
1:19 pm
colleagues on the committee would be open to an amendment or - i'd like to do is i don't want to hold up the one hundred and it $2 million it seems like that is necessary at this point the other piece is sill time sensitive but have time to give the departments a chance to finalize their numbers or tighten up their numbers so fully understand wherewith he can get to reduce some of the leases in the civic center area so one way to maybe approach this is to duplicate the files, and then for the duplicated foil to amend out the $321 million
1:20 pm
seven hundred and 65 and go ahead and pass the other piece the other appropriation of one and 22 today and then if the chair can actually put this on the agenda for may 11 and the timing should be still okay give you more time to give us clarity on the space usage so - can i just ask i don't have i know that jamie with behind me and ben it is the timing of may 11th we want to make sure that the controller's office has enough time to do the work on the certifies of appropriation and rather than to assure i have may 11 to some of